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The solar system is 4.1 billion years old and circles the milky way every 250 million years. The sun takes up 99.86% of our solar system’s mass.

There are 4 terrestrial planets; Mercury, Venus, Mars and Earth.  Mercury year is shorter than a Mercury day. Venus is the hottest planet because it has an out of control greenhouse gas effect. Mars has a giant mountain called Olympus Mons which is 26 kilometres above the ground.
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Jupiter are the gas giants of the solar system. Saturn is so dense that it would float on water.  Uranus is the third largest planet and one of the coldest, its also the smallest gas giant. One Neptune year is equal to 164 Earth years and has the highest wind speed recorded at 2100 km/h. Out of all the planets, Jupiter is the largest, taking up the largest mass of the solar system.


What is the Kuiper belt?



How do they record the data on other planets?

That Jupiter’s so big compared to the other planets

100wc I wondered what was behind the door.

I got off the tram, bought an ice-cream and walked slowly home forgetting about piano practice.  With my ice-cream still in my hand I fumbled getting my key out of my bag.  Dropping my ice-cream I realised I was late and rushed towards the door.

I heard footsteps inside. Shakily I pushed the doorbell to scare away whatever was inside.  My thoughts turned grim, there’d been lots of burglaries in our street lately.  I searched my bag for my phone. I was saved, I found my piano book.  As I ran to piano I wondered what was behind the door.

BTN Mars Mission


Nasa landed a rover the size of a car on mars which was worth 2 billion dollars 

It has a heat shield to protect from the heat of mars.

Its aim is to find life on Mars as well as sample rocks and see what its made of.


 Is there life on Mars?

How far away is Mars from eath?

54.6 million kilometres away from eath


If there is life on mars I want to see it soon!

BATH Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily 100WC


"Get in the shower Jeffy." mum yells.

"Yes mum," I say.

I walk over to the bath and then clumsily trip into the bath and then, black...

When I open my eyes, I see an orange fighter fighting another orange guy who was drinking Fanta from a vending machine. 

My eyes catch a glimpse of a a vending machine! Strangely it has eyes, a mouth, and legs.  It's basically human.  Could it be dancing?

Something takes hold of me and I join in too.

Soon different coloured vending machines come in.  It's Solo, Coke and Sunkist.  They all call out "Hey Fanta!"


Space homework



  • Babylon is a city located in modern Bagdad.
  • They were advance astronomers for their day. They were able to write and so recorded massive amounts of observations.  They used these observations to create mathematical models.  These models created calendars.
  • They predicted astronomical phenomenon but they didn’t do it with a scientific understanding but on the stars and horoscopes.
  • Bagdad was the birthplace of astrology.



  • The Mayan’s were also astronomers. However, their work on astronomy was burnt by the Spanish during the conquest.
  • They created the Mayan long count calendar which uses a base count of twenty.


The Greeks

Ptolemy was an ethnic Greek citizen who was born in Egypt. 

He created the Ptolemaic system which was based on the earth being the centre of the universe.



What is the north star?


Were is Bagdad?


1 The calendar was created to keep track of business  we use the calendar for event keeping and other things


I don’t own an iPhone but I do want one so desperately.  I think I may be the only one 5/6 without technology.  I want one because everybody and I mean EVERYBODY has one.  For instance, let’s take my best friend, he has an iPhone, Nintendo switch and computer with lots of games.   Point is, he has access, he is in touch with one touch of his iPhone while I am so out of touch.
I’m not allowed. My parents think I don’t need one.  They say I will get one in high school which I will only use for emergencies only.

Teacher Alligator Mauve Climbed Tricky

I crept away from my camp base hoping nobody would see or hear me.  There were strict instructions not to leave base camp.
I took a chance and decided to go looking for the alligator that had taken a student and teacher from our school 5 years earlier.
I heard rustling.
I felt a chill run through my body even though it was humid and my clothes were sticking to me. Then I hear a growl from behind me
The moon was a mauve colour, it was like a torch leading me the way.
This was going to be tricky.

100WC … but what colour should it be? …

My parents are renovating our house.  They are constantly going to Bunnings warehouse looking at colour swatches, reading home magazines and talking to colour consultants. They ask the same question ‘But what colour should it be’.  I know what colour it should be, the same that it was.  Why is that so hard for them to make up their minds? Our house is yellow and two shades of blue.  Next doors and most of the street have cream and red coloured houses. My parents think it should be different, stand out, look amazing but still be a heritage looking house.

…As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face…100wc

I woke up feeling miserable.  My parents hadn’t acknowledged my birthday since I arrived at Pennhurst School for Boys five years ago.
The breakfast bell rang, I went along hoping Richie or Greg had remembered.  Greg handed me a letter.  I saw my parents’ names on the back.  I hesitated, what if I was disappointed? What if it had nothing to do with my birthday?  I swallowed the lump in my throat and carefully opened the letter.  As I read the contents of the letter I was aware of the smile on my face and tears falling down my cheeks.