When we face a stressful situation, for example, a natural disaster, our brains don’t think properly and we don’t listen and follow instructions.

Kids are better than their parents at dealing with a natural disaster.  This is because kids are more knowledgeable about natural disasters because they have the information fresh in their memory.

The first family lives near a national park. On a bad fire day, fire can spread to nearby houses.  The second family was faced with a cyclone. Both families were underprepared with dealing with the natural disasters.  Families should have a plan in place and these plans should be practiced so that you can remember them.

What can you do to prevent yourself and family from panicking about how to stay safe in a natural disaster?

Why do we panic in a stressful situation even though we could have been through it before?

Nearly every family member can help when they are faced with a natural disaster because everybody counts.

100wc…however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…



One day Jill decided †o help out her friends who had entered a domino competition. After hours of setting up they finally finished then Jill and her friends started goofing around pretending to flick the dominoes over when Jill accidentally knock over all of the contenders dominoes over it was no surprise but however, she couldn’t believe what she had done then everyone started staring at her hissing booing, and lighting piñata bats on fire and then everybody got up and started chasing her and throwing blue tomatoes at her. In the end she died of fright in the forest.


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Cape Town is a city in Africa which is suffering a harsh drought, which has been going on for a while.

Cape Town citizens are only allowed 50 litres of water per day.

The whole city of Cape Town is at risk of running out of water.

Day zero is when Cape Town’s water allowance will go down to 25 litres per day.

Why doesn’t everybody go and live some were else?

How do people live with so little water a day?

That we are lucky for the water we have ,where we live and the food we have because when you think about it we are so lucky to have running taps, unlimited water and lush green parks so think about how lucky you are now so make a change and maybe be more kind to the earth and people alike.

100wc Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge

My “pink daffodils 20¢ each” sign was getting wet, I should have call it a day but then a huge man came up to me and bought all my daffodils for a dollar each and I had at least 300 daffodils left so he payed 300 dollars but something wasn’t right he started sprinkling this powder which was glowing pink. He told me to feed the money to a rabbit then push the rabbit of a bridge and then you will be immortal but the rabbit has to be a pink or else you will perish in the underworld for all of eternity.




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When the news stops reporting disasters it doesn’t mean that everything is ok as soon as they stop reporting.

After a natural distracted rebuilding a city from scratch can cost a lot of money.

Builders are sometimes even more vital than medics.

Sometimes the disasters are so big that they affect the whole entire country or continent.

Why does the news stop reporting nearly strait after the disaster?

What was the biggest tsunami?

Now I know that after the reporters report a natural disaster the people of that country or state are still suffering. 


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Once upon a time, there lived the Evil Wizard Hydroflatulent, who claimed he could rule the world with is hedgehog fruit minions, disguised as lychees. They glowed a mysterious green light that would pulse out an evil aura, but good prevailed evil and the wizard was slain.

Somewhere at this very mo

ment in time, a young boy is whacking a tree and a lychee falls to the ground. Picking up the malicious fruit, it begins pulsing…in his hand. Its evil aura and light corrupting his mind to be like the wizards those many years ago.


100wc…but I didn’t understand the instructions…

I’m an astronaut launching into space for the first time. I’ve been in simulations but never the real thing. I’ve had 1000 hours of pilot training,  became a scuba diver and  have been with NASA for 22 years in order to be ready for space flight.

The big day

The ship was ready, all systems were engaged then the countdown started…10…9…8. I was tapping my finger to the beat not realising what I was doing and  I  accidentally pressed the launch button at the count of 2 and BANG! My rocket blew up and everyone screamed and ran because I didn’t understand the instructions.

A huge rip in the ground has scientists suggesting Africa is starting to split in two

A huge rip in the ground has scientists suggesting Africa is starting to split in two

Go >HERE< for the story.

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This articall was about how Africa is splitting in two.

Scientist believe that the African continent will break apart in the next tens of millions of years.

We can he cracks was seen after heavy rain fall in rift valley.

The crack is 15 meters wide and 15 meters deep. The crack goes on for 7 kilometres.

Why is Africa splitting apart?                                                                                                                                                                Because the earth is ever changing planet.

Where in Africa is rift valley?                                                                                                                                                                Ethiopia

Did you know that the crack has approximately been going on for 600 years! Me and my dad found this out by dividing 2.5 by 1500.

webinar reflection

Today all the 5/6 had a webinar session were hey told us about internet safety and what we can do to prevent being hacked.

Here are some of the things that could happen:

viruses could be downloaded on to your computers.

spy ware and male ware all could too.

They also told us that people on the internet aren’t always who you think they are!

so thats all and dont fall for scams!
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